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If you made a purchase, you can expect Shop Your Way points to be credited to your account within 45 days.

Items available for points earn may vary and are subject to availability. Exclusions: Solely customers located in the United States or Canada are eligible for SYW Rewards. SYW Rewards are available on worldwide completed hotel stays and vacation packages booked in the US & CA. SYW Rewards are not available on airfare or on the purchase or redemption of gift cards. Offers cannot be combined and are subject to restrictions and limitations. Offer may be terminated or modified at any time. Please allow up to 48 hours for points to post to your SHOP YOUR WAY account, once travel has been completed. Points valid for 60 days once received. Prices and charges are subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited. Shop Your Way Members earn points on Qualifying Purchases, excluding sales taxes and other fees. Members must complete their booked dates of travel in order to receive Shop Your Way points. Any reservations made, including but not limited to; airline flights, overnight accommodations, activities, cruises, car rentals, that are cancelled prior to their respective dates of travel will not be eligible for Shop Your Way points. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at Use of the term "partner" in these materials is intended to convey a valued business relationship, and does not indicate the existence of a legal partnership, joint agency or other relationship involving shared ownership or shared liability with Sears Holding Corporation or any of its affiliates.